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Monday, February 12, 2007

(UPDATE 3) Dec exports down 3.8% on weak electronics

(UPDATE 3) Dec exports down 3.8% on weak electronics
Exports fell 3.8 percent to $3.681 billion in December from a year earlier, after 10 consecutive months of double-digit growth, the National Statistics Office said on Friday. Exports had grown 10.7 percent in the previous month.

A recipe to beat low-cost rivals
Roberto Gavazzi looks admiringly at a large vertical tube that resembles pipework from a chemical plant but is in fact a shower. It looks crazy, doesnt it? he says of the product, which sells for about $4,500 ( 2,300 3,450 ) and is made by his company.

Sexy look sparks ratings debate in China
Black-robed warriors fly through the air. Thousands of men clash with spears in spectacular battles. And an emperor struts around in splendid golden robes in the Chinese blockbuster "Curse of the Golden Flower."

U.S. files complaint over China subsidies
U.S. makers of electronics, steel and paper products, who have long complained about China's industrial subsidies, stand to benefit from a Bush administration complaint filed last week with the World Trade Organization.

India's Next Wave? The Domestic Electronics Market
While India has a high profile as a software outsource destination for IT back-end and semiconductor chip design services, the emerging growth of the local electronics equipment hardware market is expected to accelerate rapidly, according to venture capitalists and leading U.S. chip companies based here and in Bangalore.


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