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Saturday, February 10, 2007

GC BOE Welcomes Delegation From China

GC BOE Welcomes Delegation From China
Hicksville Illustrated News - A delegation of four educators from China, visiting for the week, came to the meeting with a volunteer parent to translate The high school auditorium needs a new air conditioning system, new seats, carpeting, curtains, electronics, stage and backstage

China, India, Indonesia, South Korea: Asia Local Bond Preview
Bloomberg - Exports from Taiwan, Asia's sixth-biggest economy, unexpectedly jumped 17.9 percent last month on demand from China for electronics. Overseas shipments rose to $19.9 billion, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement in Taipei yesterday. The growth

India's next wave? The domestic electronics market - The coming ramp up in electronics design, development and manufacturing lags a similar trend that began in China nearly a decade ago, but has been slow to develop in India, which has been chiefly focused on IT outsourcing and chip design services

China Offers Tax Breaks for Tech Imports
Forbes - China will give tax rebates for imports of advanced equipment meant to boost its technology in industries including aerospace and electronics, the country's tax agency announced. Beijing is pushing Chinese companies to invest in creating profitable

Hasbro Fourth-Quarter Profit Rises 15% on Board Games (Update2)
Bloomberg - Exclusive Worldwide Regions Asia Australia & New Zealand Canada China Europe France Germany India Italy Japan Latin America U.K. U.S. Consumers spent more on electronics made for kids, the Port Washington, New York- based research firm said this week.

Greenpeace - Hazardous Effects Of Electronics
Scoop - The report shows that some of the electronics industries biggest brands, and their suppliers, are contaminating rivers and underground wells with a wide range of hazardous chemicals. Analysis of samples taken from industrial estates in China


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