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Saturday, January 13, 2007

China gears up for in-car electronics bonanza

China gears up for in-car electronics bonanza
ITnews - As China's increasingly prosperous consumers take to the road, spending on in-car navigation, entertainment and other electronics will surge to almost US$3.9bn by 2012, new research predicts. "The Chinese productivity market, the roadside assistance

In Gadgets, Excitement Is in the Price
New York Times - Indeed, no new feature-rich product stole the Consumer Electronics Show it seemed not to be aimed at first adopters Manufacturers, especially the smaller contract companies in Taiwan and China that make the panels for the lesser-known

Motorola rolls out bicycle-powered cellphone charger at electronics
Ottawa Citizen - For people living in emerging markets, energy is a scarcity," Motorola chief executive Ed Zander said yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show. "In Southeast Asia, rural China and Latin America, we can actually put this in, hook it up and charge

Samsung Electronics revenue hits record
Korea Herald - Samsung Electronics Co. recorded its largest-ever revenues in the fourth quarter of last year despite many challenges including expect solid profits due to an increase in demand for DRAMs and flat panels with the introduction of Windows Vista, China

E-waste Recycling in the Works
China.Org - The regulation is expected to affect a wide range of appliance and electronics equipment makers from around the world, since China is emerging as both a major manufacturing base and a big market for home appliances and electronics products. The EU


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