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Friday, September 01, 2006

Apple Battery Debacle Could Be Big Blow to Sony

Apple Battery Debacle Could Be Big Blow to Sony
E-Commerce Times - This is a concern at a number of leading Japanese brands today, as the Japanese try to cut costs in order to compete in the global market, now that China and Taiwan have established such a huge presence in the electronics world. Next Article in

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Universal sale has officials optimistic
Sun and Press - Universal said it will maintain its manufacturing facilities in Conklin, Kirkwood, Binghamton, and Shekou, China. The company makes automation equipment used in the electronics industry. Universal also said it will continue to operate under its

Videocon in talks to buy Thai CRT
TMCnet - Thai Industries' Electrical, Electronics, and Allied Industries Club. The Siam Cement Public Co, with a stake of about 60%, is Videocon is looking at becoming a low-cost producer to compete with large export hubs such as China and Turkey. Top


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