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Friday, July 14, 2006

In Brief: Motorola completes auto electronics sale

In Brief: Motorola completes auto electronics sale
PhysOrg - The company said Monday that the unit was turned over to Continental Automotive Systems during the weekend, although the transfer of employees and assets in China was still going through the regulatory process. Among those devices Motorola produces

ISO rejects China's WAPI wireless security protocol
Computerworld - in voting to adopt the IEEE 802.11i security specification that was developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics said that it would continue to support WAPI and that the rejection by the ISO would not affect use of WAPI in China

Reynolds: What threatens marriage?
MSNBC - injuries. APA officials point out that all consumer fireworks sold in the United States most are imported from China Compare this state of affairs with what we see in the area of electronics, where things get better and cheaper at an ever

Professional services directory
San Jose Mercury News - He attends all major markets in the U.S. and recently did an exploratory trip to China. He feels qualified to answer most DeMoss is a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, the Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association and the

Celebrating 25 Years of Santoprene TPEs; ExxonMobil Chemical's Elastic - Clothing Industry News Computer News Construction News CRM News Data Storage News E-Commerce News Education News Electronics News Energy Establishing a presence in China and helping a customer there create a first commercial success with Santoprene TPE 20

Access to Job Market in U.S. a Matter of Degrees
LA Times - Lloyd, who has degrees in applied physics and electrical and electronics engineering, found another job in Germany. "I was a Companies just prefer to hire younger, less expensive workers from other countries, such as India and China, instead of


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